How to Build Aliexpress Affiliate Website With WordPress

Aliexpress is a giant e-commerce store with millions of products in hundreds of categories. People like it for the low prices, and from my personal experience, I know it’s a trusted company.

So, for affiliate marketers is a great possibility to earn money. Compared to Amazon, which recently lowered the commission rates to 1-4%, the Aliexpress affiliate program pays around 8% percent commissions and even more depending on the number of sales. So, it’s a great alternative to Amazon and other online stores, which rarely pays more than 5%.

The affiliate registration is quick and easy, there are almost no restrictions, plus we get an API that we can use with the various Aliexpress affiliate plugins to import products for contents quickly.

Within this guide, I’m going to show you how to build an Aliexpress affiliate site using WordPress. Here are the points that I’ll go through.

How to pick a niche for your Aliexpress website

It seems to be tempting to build a huge website with a lot of categories and thousands of products, but the truth is that if we do that, we simply compete with the giants. And, most of us don’t have the time and money to beat them.

A much better approach is to pick a small niche and promote products for one specific type of searchers. This way, we can create a website with closely related products and blog posts. This way, the search engines see the site as a highly relevant source of information for the searchers. Therefore they might rank us higher for niche relevant keywords.

What do I mean my niches?

Well, narrow topics, for example, RC helicopters, hiking jackets, solar lamps, etc. Since Aliexpress has hundreds of categories, it’s quite easy to go deep and find micro niches.

Once you have a niche for your website that is close to you so you can create content, you should make keyword research to check if the competition isn’t so fierce.

Here are some example product lines within the outdoor lighting niche that look promising since they have quite high search volumes and competition is low based on the analytics of Hence, they are promising to make money.

keyword research for Aliexpress site
Keyword research

Now check out if we have enough products to write about, I picked the “solar lights for trees” keyword. It seems to be a popular topic these days. Yes, we have a lot of types of products to choose from, giving us enough content ideas for the website.

Available products

Keep in mind that an affiliate website isn’t about throwing up hundreds of products with a copied product descriptions. It isn’t useful for the user, nor SEO. You need to presell the product, plus write blog posts in which you answer the frequently asked questions, give tips, and everything else that is related to the product group.

Example post types

  • Problems – What are the typical issues with the products and how to avoid or solve them.
  • Versus and comparison post types.
  • Reviews
  • Best in class post type.
  • Ideas on how to use.

These tips are just the basics of building a niche website. You need to go deeper if you are new to this type of online marketing. Also, get a catchy domain name.

How to use Aliexpress to find products to sell

best selling products
Ali Inspector – Find best selling products in catgories

Aliexpress is full of products that are duplicates, sellers that come and go, and the search function isn’t the most user-friendly. So, you need time to learn how to filter the products to avoid duplicates and bad stuff.

When I use the search function, I filter products based on the number of orders instead of the “best match.” If there is a product with hundreds or thousands of orders that it dispels uncertainty to buy the product or not. Usually, these items also have a lot of positive reviews.

I have a secret weapon to finding great products to promote without using the Aliexpress messy search. This software is called AliInspector 2 made by Dave Guindon, the developer of AMA Suite.

AliInspector lets me do following quickly:

  • Find the bestsellers in all categories and subcategories.
  • Filter the results in +20 ways (number of orders, price, brand, wishlist, reviews, shipping, etc.)
  • Search and filter products by keywords.
  • Aliexpress keyword generator.
  • Save everything is a spreadsheet.
  • And many more.

With the help fo Ali Inspector I can quickly find the best products that are worth promoting without manual searches. It’s also a powerful software for building a dropshipping business.

find products
Find products using keywords
preview products
Preview the results with data

Build an affiliate website with Aliexpress products

Types of Websites

Right now, you have an idea what is your Aliexpress affiliate site is going to be about, maybe you have article ideas, products to sell, etc. How to build your website, I mean create a store or a blog?

That’s your choice, but I prefer building a blog with a lot of useful content (reviews, comparisons, tips, versus, etc.) this way I can rank for a lot of additional keywords in Google and makes the business more trustworthy in the eyes of searchers.

I wouldn’t use an automatic script that pulls thousands of Aliexpress products with the same crappy descriptions. I know there are tools for that and ways to promote such a store, but it has never worked for me.

Maybe, you can build a blog with useful, relevant content, and add a WooCommerce store with Aliexpress affiliate products with unique descriptions. We can drive the traffic from blog posts to that store.

WordPress theme

So, the next step is to pick a WordPress theme that suits the Aliexpress products we want to promote. Thanks to such marketplaces like ThemeForest, we can quickly find a proper template that fits our niche. Although premium themes are so versatile now that we can transform them into our needs without any coding knowledge or by using a page builder like Elementor, Beaver, etc.

Maybe, it’s worth considering getting a WordPress theme made for affiliate marketing that comes with a review system, comparison post type, and other useful stuff.

Such a theme is ReHub, which comes with an inbuilt system that imports products for Alixpress and other Chinese stores, also from Amazon with auto-update pricing. We can choose from many posts types. For example, we can create reviews with ratings, price comparison pages, add in-built filtering, and tons of other useful functions for affiliate marketing. However, it takes time to learn the settings.

rehub screenshot
Example page ReHub theme

WordPress Aliexpress Plugins

Counter to Amazon plugins, it’s hard to find an Aliexpress WordPress plugin that works smoothly. I’ve tried some, but I’m mostly satisfied with Content Egg Pro since it offers far more options and easy to use.

Why do I like Content Egg Pro?

  • It supports Amazon, Aliexpress, eBay, Walmart, and many other affiliate networks.
  • We can choose from beautiful and high-converting product boxes.
  • The prices of the products automatically updated every day.
  • We can create a niche blog with product reviews, daily deals website, Woocommerce directories, price, and product comparison site. But, it’s so versatile that it can be used in many ways to make a custom affiliate website.
  • This Aliexpress plugin also features content and coupon modules that let us curate other types of content from different sources such as Bing or Google images, Youtube, etc.
  • For an extra cost, we can buy the Affiliate Egg modules that support over 130 online stores such as Banggod, Gearbest, Geekbuying, and money other Chinese and American stores.
  • We can get the product data via API.

Here are few ways how we can display products.

content egg pro
Content Egg Pro display products

AliPartnerShip Plugin

This Aliexpress affiliate plugin is a better option for those who want to build an Aliexpress affiliate store. We can quickly import products with the help of a Chome Extension. Also, a few Aliplugin themes are included with the purchase that is out of the box.

Watch the video on how this Aliexpress plugin for Woocommerce works.

Keep in mind that there is no need to use plugins since we can get the affiliate links via the Aliexpress Portals within your affiliate account. Although, it’s easier to add products to posts with the help of a plugin.


How to get Aliexpress affiliate links?

After registering to the partnership program at visit

Get the URL of the product, and add to the Pape’s URL, choose your tracking ID, and click the “Get Tracking Link” button. Your affiliate link is ready.

As of June 5, 2020, Aliexpres discontinued their old API, which was very convenient to use. So, we need to visit, where we can easily apply for a new affiliate API.

Aliexpress affiliate commission rate vs. Amazon affiliate

The Alixpress affiliate program offers a minimum of 8% commissions, and the more you sell, the higher the commission will be, even over 10%. Also, sellers usually get in touch with successful affiliate marketers and send free products to give reviews about their products.

Amazon commission rates are quite low these days 0-10%, but the median is about 4%, so compared to Aliexpress, it’s much lower.

However, if your primary target country is the USA, I believe Amazon still better since it’s a trusted company, so the conversion rate is much higher, meaning more sales. Although Ali is getting more and more popular in the USA since the dropshipping business is quite popular these days, hence, buyers can get the same product on Aliexpress for a fraction of the price.

I have to mention that in Europe and Asia, Aliexpress is very popular, so the possibilities are much better there. There are a lot more customers.

How do you get paid on the AliExpress affiliate program?

The minimum payment is $16. Unfortunately, they ask for a $15 processing fee per withdrawal. The payments are sent to bank accounts that accept the USA dollar.

To sum up

Aliexpress affiliate marketing is an excellent alternative to the Amazon affiliate program or as a supplementary source of online income. With a well-chosen niche, you can be successful. It needs time to get started, but if you add the right pieces of content that help the readers, the search engines and customers will reward you. If you have more questions, feel free to ask below.


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