How to Make a Custom Calculator in WordPress

Calculators are powerful tools for a website. Users love them since they can quickly get the data and information they need. Also, calculators make the site more professional, improves user experience, and may improve SEO for long-tail keywords.

The problem is that it’s quite difficult to create a custom calculator form for a website. We can download ready-made WordPress calculator plugins such as a mortgage, timezone, BMI, and other regular ones. But, what if we need a unique calculator that isn’t available out of the box? Then, we need a programmer who does it for us. And, such a work is quite an investment, not to mention whenever a modification is required we need to pay again. 😒

Recently, with one of our projects, we bumped into a similar situation. We want complex and unique calculators for a solar panel website. Calculators that aren’t available anywhere else to defeat the competition.

After long research and testing, I finally bumped into an affordable and easy to use solution called uCalc, which let us create calculators on the fly. It’s a paid service, but much cheaper than the calculator makers on the market, but it’s worth every penny. 👍

Within this post, I’ll show you uCalc Pro that we can use with a WordPress website.

What’s uCalc?

Quick usage

Quickly create custom calculators from ready templates or from blank.

Drag and drop

Drag and drop editor, clean user interface that doesn’t require any programming knowledge.

Save money

Affordable pricing options. Save hundreds of dollars on developers.

Engage visitors

Let the readers to get quick information, collect leads and payments.

uCalc lets us create custom calculators without any programming skills. The system is so simple that after 10 minutes, you understand how to use it. I made my first unique calculator in 15 minutes, which would have cost $500 if a developer makes it. 🙂

There are also dozens of ready to use calculators in various niches such as automotive, real estate, contraction, repair, restaurants, furniture. You can use them or modify them for your needs.

We can add the created calculators with the help of the WordPress plugin created by uCalc or using the generated script. The plugin is compatible with the Gutenberg block editor, and we can see how the calculator looks on the page during editing.

The visual editor makes the whole creation process very convenient. We can choose from many elements. We can create more than a calculator since we can also accept payments and collect leads.

Now let’s see this WordPress embed calculator in action.

How to create calculators with uCalc

As I mentioned before, we can choose from two options. We can create a calculator from scratch or use an existing template. ✔

Here the available calculator templates for various businesses. We can customize the look of them to fit our website.

The ready to use forms
  • Automotive
  • Construction & Repair (quote calculators)
  • Delivery Service
  • Restaurants & Cafes
  • Home Appliances
  • Furniture & Interior
  • Real Estate
  • Economics & Finance
  • Cleaning Services
  • Health & Beauty (calorie calculators)
  • Sports & Fitness
  • Event Planning

To show you how powerful this calculator creator is, I make a price calculator from scratch without using any templates. 😎

This is going to be a simple home gym cost calculator with coupon possibility.

  1. Add an image to make the form more catchy.
  2. Add form fields with options to choose from. In this case, some home gym equipment, but the list might be as long as I want.
  3. By switching on the “Formula” tab, I add the values for the items.
  4. On the right side, I can edit the formula (calculations). By default, the item prices add up.
  5. I want to add a 10% coupon option, so I add radio buttons.
  6. I switch back to the formula again to modify the calculations. I set 0.9 for the “yes” and 1 for the “no.” This way, for the user having a coupon, a 90% price is calculated.
  7. I make design changes.

It’s a quick example, but it demonstrates well how easy it is to create calculators with uCalc.

We can create both simple and complex formulas and combine variables.

uCalc is the simplest tool to create custom calculators on the fly without any programming knowledge.

How to use uCalc for lead generation or payments

What makes uCalc such a powerful tool is that we can collect leads or even payments thanks to the form builder. We can quickly build customs forms with the required field options. The uCalc sends the email or SMS for us about the new customers, or we can accept payments via Paypal. People usually use calculators when they are at the buying stage, so adding a contact form is a powerful tool for a business. 💰🤑

How to add contact form to calculators

Here is how to do it.

  • Add the required field types you want, such as email, name, and a large text field. We can add a number field for the phone as well.
  • Add a button and set it what should be done on click:
    • Send notifications for us via email or SMS
    • Send an email to the customers.
    • Open link in a new tab.
    • Proceed to payment. (limited payment methods)
    • Send data to CRM
  • Customize the look of the button and calculated fields if you want.

It’s straightforward.

How to add the calculators to WordPress?

After creating the calculator, the code pops up, so we can insert it into any website even into a WordPress website by switching to the HTML mode or when using a page builder.

But a much simpler way is to download the official uCalc calculator plugin. After installing the plugin, within the Gutenberg editor search for uCalc and pick the calculator, you want to insert it into the content. You need to do the same with the classic editor. 👏

How much does it cost?

If you need one calculator with the basic option, you can try the form builder for free. The prices of the other plans depend on how many calculators we want to create, and the required emails (SMS) for leads. The number of emails and SMS can be extended for a minimal extra cost.


After testing many WordPress calculator builder plugins and other services, I’m delighted with my uCalc subscription. This calculator builder is versatile, easy to use, and affordable. The support is perfect, as well. I recommend giving a try for it. ❗

uCalc Review


Easy to use
Design options


uCalc is a powerful and versatile calculator builder that is easy to use and affordable. It’s fully compatible with WordPress.


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