Is FastComet Good for Hosting WordPress?

Choosing a hosting for a new website isn’t an easy task. The best web hosts cost a lot, and with the cheap ones, there’s always something to worry about.

Since I’m not the wealthiest online businessman, I can’t afford to buy a service that costs hundreds of bucks per month, but since speed is so important, I also don’t spend money on something that costs one dollar per a month.

That is why I’ve been using Cloudways for most of my sites, which provides quite a good speed, but it’s quite hard to manage.

For my next projects, I wanted to find a “classic” hosting that is easy to use thanks to the Cpanel, but also reliable and offers good speed. After checking out a lot of reviews, I ended up getting the FastComet FastCloud Extra Plan.

Why did I choose FastComet?

The main reason why I join FastComet is the tons of positive reviews they get on and Moreover, if there are negative comments about their services, they always comment kindly and tell what the problem was with the customer, or they look into the matter. Typically, most of the hosting companies don’t bother with the answers. I think that is a good sign that they want to build a trusted service.

The other reason was the 75% coupon I got :). This way, I could buy the FastCloud Extra Plan for 2 years for $120, which is less than 5 bucks per month. And, since they gave 45 days money-back guarantee, I had nothing to lose.

What did I get with the Fastcomet Extra Plan?

  • 35 SSD storage
  • Unlimited website installations.
  • 6 CPU cores available
  • 6 GB RAM availability
  • For speed: Varnish Cache & WAF, APC & OPcode cache, 3× fewer clients on servers, LiteSpeed LSAPI, Memcached.
  • 30-day backups
  • Many security features.

I didn’t care about the other things, such as the website builder or the unlimited emails, etc. Getting a good speed for my 1-3 WordPress sites was the primary goal.

Let’s see the results.

WordPress on Fastcomet – Speed Results

The installation of WordPress is easy thanks to the Cpanel, but we can also install it right from the client area. Nothin special, pick the domain, and the blog is on it after 10 seconds.

I was curious about how fast is a fresh install on FastComet, so I quickly made Google PageSpeed Insight. The only plugin installed was the Really Simple SSL, and the theme was the WordPress Twenty Twenty.

Here are the results without any content on the website.

2020 theme speed results
2020 theme no content desktop PageSpeed Insights results
no content mobile speed results
2020 theme no content mobile speed results

Not bad? 100% for both. Of course, that means nothing, so let’s change the theme. I like the Neve Theme from ThemIsle, so I installed it. I got the same results. Hurray! Good signs!

Now I kept the Neve Theme, which lets me import ready-made website templates with content, images, comment section, and widgets. That’s where the fun starts. I randomly picked a post, and I got these results.

neve theme fastcomet mobile speed
Neve theme mobile speed with FastComet
FastComet and Neve theme desktop speed
Neve theme desktop speed with FastComet

It’s good to see those green circles, right? I didn’t install any caching plugins and made no other tweaks to reach those results. Of course, if I install more plugins, I may get worse outcomes, but right now, I’m optimistic about FastComet hosting regarding speed.

In the future, as I add my own content and required plugins, I’ll add more screenshots to see how the website speed change.

To sum up, WordPress runs fast on FastComet. It’s also easy to install thanks to Cpanel.

My verdict

FastCommet seems to be the right choice for the first shot to host my WordPress sites. But, as it’s said, “Praise the day.” I haven’t get in touch with the support yet, and I haven’t experienced anything that required assistance. We will see.


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