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Adding useful related external sources to the article is beneficial for both the reader and SEO. However, content curation for WordPress usually means that we add external links or snippets of text from the original source. It’s Ok, but for user experience and design, it isn’t the best option. 🤔

I used to work with embed.ly, which let me add external links in a styled box. But I couldn’t create a curated list of sources, plus there are no options to change the design for my websites.

After a long search, I bumped into the elink.io, which is the most powerful content curation tool I’ve ever seen. It’s easy to use, versatile (can be used with any website, newsletter), tons of templates are available, and the management of the curated links is simple. 👍

Within this post, I’d like to introduce you, elink.io. Here’s what I’m going to talk about.

Great Design

Choose from a lot of templates or create your own design.

Easy to use

Quickly create curated lists from any sources (videos, articles, images, etc)


Embed and share anywhere, modify your list anytime.

Improve content marketing

Create newsletters, curated lists, single page websites, etc.

This tool was made for any online business to share custom curated content on their website, social media channels, newsletters, and numerous other online platforms.

We can curate articles, images, podcasts, videos, webinars, infographics, and many other file types that have a link. We simply paste the weblink/URL. The tool grabs the title, description, and image if available. Each detail of the source then can be edited to make the curation useful and personalized.

We can also choose from over 30 ready-to-use beautiful templates in different niches, formats, and styles. We can even start from scratch to create posts from the ground up.

Once we are ready with the curated post, we can share it via URL, use it for a newsletter, embed into anywhere on the web, or use it for WordPress posts or pages via the elink.io plugin. What if modifications are required? We can easily make changes then the posts update anywhere.

Finally, analytics is available to see the number of views, country of origin, and device type.

To sum up, it’s a user-friendly and versatile curation software.

What can you do with it?

  • Create newsletters, website content, Instagram bio links, curated single webpages.
  • Collect any save any types of content from multiple sources.
  • Curating content with a beautiful responsive design.
  • Share your content in many ways.
  • Integrate with over 30 types of applications (Mailchimp, WP, Wix, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Linkedin, other social networks, etc.)
  • Track engagement via the analytics.
  • Save content easily via the Chrome Extension, RSS feeds, bulk.

Curated content examples

How to curate content for blog post with elink.io

Now let’s see elink.io in action. In this tutorial, I make a list of content sources for “WordPress SEO.”

Here are the steps.

  1. I can use a template or start from scratch. We can change the template whenever we want, though.
  2. Add a name to the post, in this case, “WordPress SEO sources.”
  3. Add links to the post manually or by using the Chrome Extension. We can also add RSS feeds and get links from there.
  4. Change the title and description to add our ideas (optional).
  5. Customize the post style for our needs. We can switch to another template, modify the colors, fonts, header, etc. (optional)
  6. Check out the look. It’s responsive so compatible with any devices.
  7. Click publish.
  8. Share the link, embed, or use the WordPress plugin.

Of course, you can add any types of content, for the tutorial’s sake, I added only articles.

How to add the curated list to WordPress

The best way to add the content is by using the WordPress curation plugin made by elink. Actually, it’s not a curation tool, but it makes inserting the lists so easy. You can download elink plugin from WordPress.org. It supports both the classic and Gutenberg editor.

embedding content

Comparison with other curation tools

I know there are other tools there for content creation, I also tried them, but elink.io so convenient and versatile that it caught me for the first time. Check out how it differs from Feed.ly and Pocket.

Easy of use
Newsletter creator
Edit link details
Publish single page



Ease of use


If you are searching for a convenient way to curate for content marketing and style is essential, elink.io is an excellent choice for you. It’s available for free, but that plan has limitations. I recommend you to check out this curation tool to enhance your content strategy.


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