I’m Bucee from Hungary. I’ve been building websites since 2006 and work with WordPress from 2009. From 2011, I’ve been working from home building niche websites to earn money with various affiliate programs and display ads. I also work on other websites for offline businesses.

During this decade, I’ve been getting deep into WordPress. I tried and modified hundreds of themes and plugins for various purposes. I bumped a lot of problems that I had to solve. And, I have had many projects using WordPress that required unique solutions.

Since I haven’t built a website yet around WordPress, but I know quite a lot about it, I decided to start wordpresscollection.com. On this site, I’d like to show the best WordPress themes and plugins, both free and premium. Also, I make tutorials for beginners to solve the most typical problems. Finally, since I’ve been building various types of online businesses during the years, I share tips on website building, affiliate marketing, SEO, and others about making money online.

I hope you find wordpresscolleciton.com a useful source, and you’ll find what you need to start your own online business.

Good luck!


Imre Bukco, aka Bucee